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VA: Suicide rate for younger veterans increased by more than 10 percent

New data released by the Department of Veterans Affairs on Wednesday showed an increase in the rate of suicide among younger vets, even as the overall rate among veterans decreased.

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Brothers Like These: Asheville's VA has veterans fight PTSD with prose

 An ordinary room on the basement floor of the Charles George VA Medical Center houses an extraordinary writing program dedicated to Vietnam veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. 


PTSD in Iraq and Afghanistan War Veterans

 Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and anger are common in Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans. 

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Transition: 5 Mistakes You Must Avoid

 Transition: It's harder and easier than you think. At least that's what I'm beginning to see six months after our transition out of the Marine Corps. 

 At a Spouse Summit, we held a panel on transition called, aptly, Don't Fear the Reaper.  

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Veteran Suicide Rates Rose in Recent Decade

They are nearly twice as likely as non veterans to take their own lives

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Suicide Rates Show Veterans’ Biggest War Can Happen In Their Minds

The memorial decorations, parades, cookouts, and family time set aside in reverence falls short of recognizing the true loss of life that war brings. 


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