Our goal is to reach 10,000 Veterans & families directly (Not digitally) in 2020!  Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals to reach  our warriors in need, funding our mission to connect Veterans to care! 

OVN Veterans Village Project (VVP)

 At Operation Vet NOW Inc. we are dedicated to improving the health and wellness of our US military Veterans, with a specific emphasis on those suffering in the areas of Transitional and Combat Related Stress issues .  

Our objectives for each Veteran and their family is to educate, connect them to care, and inform them on various aspects pertaining to Transitional & Combat Stress and mental-health issues. 

The Veterans Village Project is led by our highly experienced event director and team members that have years of experience in  the events industry.   OVN will liaison with local communities, of the representative markets, to bring together various organizations to assist in supporting the event efforts through live participation. 

OVN has one primary Mission - - get Veterans & their families connected to care, that suffer from transitional & combat stress, providing the right help to heal their mind, body, and soul. 

Currently over 20% of Veteran’s suffer from PTS alone, and an average of 20+ veterans commit suicide daily, many due to these combat stress disorders and injuries. 

OVN is committed and determined to improve the lives of those hero's suffering from these issues and reduce the suicide rate among veterans and improve life after duty in general. 

Many veteran organizations exist in America today, but only a few focus on our Warriors mental health and wellness, beyond catastrophic combat injury. With our events, we are driven to get every Veteran possible to attend, and educate them, and their families, not only how to identify, but how to take action when symptoms occur of these silent injuries. 

Additionally, we will provide information to the families, to help them deal with, support, and find care for their beloved service members. 

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Are you part of an organization dedicated to providing care & support to our nations Veterans that suffer from PTS, TBI, Mental Health Issues, Combat & Transitional Stress?  

Then rech out to us and we can discuss bringing the OVN Veterans Village to your area and help get Veterans & their families connected to the care and support you all expertly provide!

VVP Funding Drive

We are in Fund Raising Mode to make the next VVP happen!  Your generosity is appricated!